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10 amazing facts about Colombia

Another stop during our company’s anniversary cruise 2020 will be Colombia. This country is beautiful and unique.

Another stop during our company’s anniversary cruise 2020 will be Colombia. This country is beautiful and unique. Once you’ve visited it, you will want to go back again and again.

1. Colombia is famous for its world-renowned coffee. Don’t forget to try it!

2. Walk around Cartagena to get a taste of local life. This 16-century castle town was frequently found in pirate chronicles, and now it enjoys the status of the biggest city in the country. Cartagena remembers Francis Drake’s attacks and features labyrinths of brick streets surrounded by colonial mansions, museums and restaurants under the hot sun.

3. The number of Spanish speakers in Colombia is higher than in Spain! So, here are some phrases that will be good to know before you go there:
“Hello” is “Buenas tardes”
“Bye” is “Adios”
“Yes” is “si”, and “no” is “no”
“Thanks” is “Gracias”

4. Colombia is popular among active tourism fans. You can sail, kayak, windsurf, dive, climb the rocks and enjoy a horse-riding expedition through the Andes!

5. Get ready to dance! Seriously. Everyone there dances salsa and bachata, and you can’t just stay on the sidelines. Those who enjoyed our 2018 Rhythms of Salsa cruise may want to review movements from the lessons taken there. Here is a link to our master class if you want a refresher:

6. Research the Creole folk dance called mapale. This dance is a fusion of Caribbean and African cultures, and it is a performance that reflects the story of the local people. Mapale is magical and mesmerizing. Take a chance of seeing one when you can!

7. Do not forget to try street food. Bunuelos (donuts with cheese), empanadas (meat in pastry), patacones (twice-fried plantain slices), arepas (made of ground maize dough) usually served with beans, cheese or avocado.

8. Do not miss a chance to get a shot with a cute llama, since they are easy to find.

9. Colombia is rich in gold, silver and emeralds. Browse local jewelry stores for unique pieces.

10. There are other unique souvenirs you may want to consider, such as Tumako, Nariño or Maya tribe items. These can include ritual masks, folk instruments, or handmade clay figures. There is also the option for local textiles and coffee. *You are responsible for your own insurance. APLGO highly recommends buying travel insurance for each participant beforehand.

*Be advised that only those Associates who have fulfilled the Terms and Conditions of the Special Offer can attend the corporate events held during this cruise. This is also true of receiving special gifts from the Company. Let’s be compliant with the requirements of the Special Offer, as they are quite easy to fulfill this year.

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