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What is
APLGO System?



APLGO never stops developing its structure to make your business easier and more exciting.

Our company has developed a unique and modern system of education, the GO System, which makes it possible to educate and assist our Associates from the very beginning to the very top!

The GO System is divided into three parts.

The GO System contains three stages: VIP-LEADER-MASTER
Stage Three:
At this stage, Associates are ready to help others to grow. The Master Achievement Level is designed to help Associates build and develop their personal brand, improve their public speaking skills, and build their own educational systems to help new Associates.
Stage One:
VIP (Very Important Partner)
We know that each Associate is critical to the success of the company. This stage helps new Associates become familiar with the direct selling and network marketing industry and the opportunities within the company.
Stage Two:
This is for those who have Associates in their organization and have accomplished their first qualification to became a true Leader. This stage is there to educate Associates about how to become a Leader. APLGO offers here all essential knowledge and materials to handle and run your business effectively.
That you can find all such materials at
The GO System is constructed so Associates have a positive
experience when passing from stage to stage. The GO System
materials were chosen after considering the level of each
Associate and their unique experience in organization building.

The Company has applied several
effective models that can help Associates reach their goals and
climb to the very top.

Enrollment model
«5 steps of enrollment»
Both effective and easy to apply.
Selling model
This system is based on the remarkably fast effects of our products. Simply try them, love them, and share them!
Presentation model
«It’s easier than it seems»
We have created a detailed presentation that can help you build a great organization!
Our system couldn’t exist without our informative supportive materials. These materials are broken into three categories: online materials, printed materials and motivating tools.
Our corporate website, BackOffice, YouTube channel and social media pages are updated with handy materials on a daily basis.
Printing materials
The variety of our printing materials is
ground-breaking in its number and quality.
We have created appealing catalogs, brochures, leaflets and magazines
that you can share with current or
prospective Associates.
Motivational tools
Special offers, giveaways, trips, and compensation plan opportunities: these powerful incentives inspire Associates and prospects alike!
The GO System cannot work without events!
APLGO Corporate Events are an outstanding opportunity to develop both your leadership skills and your organization.
APL PLANET: our biggest event, is held annually to celebrate our anniversary. GOLDEN PEOPLE: a celebration of our president’s birthday. APL SEASONS: an educational event, designed to help you get better at presenting APLGO to others. Summer Academy: a teambuilding event.
Leader events include the
traditional BBS (meaning
Big Business Seminar) that is
held by the best-of-the-best on
the last Saturday of every month.
These are personal presentations
and testimonials, as wellas
Successful Start and Business
Opportunity Presentations.
System events include: the Successful Start and Business Opportunity Presentations that can also be online. PRO-product meetings are scheduled regularly, where anyone can find out more about each product. Monthly President’s webinars are held to discuss the previous month’s achievements, the latest news and upcoming plans. Lastly, Coffee Days are held the last Tuesday of each month.
making APLGO Associates independent and successful in direct sales and network marketing.
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