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APLGO Gold Ambassador Nina Shashukova: personal story of being an APLGO leader

My whole family is registered with APLGO. While they are not building their organizations actively, they are absolutely in love with our products and consume them on a regular basis.

My whole family is registered with APLGO. While they are not building their organizations actively, they are absolutely in love with our products and consume them on a regular basis. As such, I guess I am the only active networker in the family. But, I am still a role model for my children, though they are long grown. I am addicted to developing myself, feeling the pulse of time and being trendy.

Some people may initially view my frequent absences from home as a „minus.” But, in the end, I believe it actually turns into a „plus.” Being this active makes me a more interesting person for my children than if I would have stayed at home. For me, APLGO is the opportunity to be healthy, energetic, enjoy life, and help everyone around me.

APLGO is also the wealth of my entire large family. With this company, I gained financial freedom, a new look at the quality of life and an easy attitude towards material values. ONLY WHEN YOU’VE ACHIEVED FINANCIAL FREEDOM CAN YOU STOP WORRYING ABOUT MONEY.

A special pleasure for me is giving my loved ones vacations abroad, apartments and expensive gifts. I am happy to be able to afford it. We built our house in just one year. This is a real "house of happiness"–a home, where we love to gather at the barbecue on the large terrace. We cook kebabs, various goodies and, most importantly, we communicate. We are interested in each other. I have so much to share with my children. After all, I have so much experience since I rarely stay at home aimlessly. I travel around the world! I once had a dream to get on a cruise and the company helped me make it true! Six times already! Our creative department, managed by Olga Kulikova, is so creative that our team has sailed on all the world’s oceans already (except the Arctic)! I discovered Russia deep and wide, from Vladivostok and Kamchatka to the western borders. I have seen the world! Don’t you think my children are happy for me? They really appreciate all this. I could hardly dream of such a thing before. But now this is my reality with APLGO.

My home, of course, is open to my Associates. After all, they are now also a family! When Associates stay with me, we relax in the bathhouse, take a steam bath, talk, plan, set goals, and share experiences. On the second floor of the bathhouse there is a guest room where Associates can stay overnight. I am always in touch with them! Even in my wildest dreams I did not imagine that my life would be this way. This is just a miracle! This is a unity of souls, common vibes, a unity of goals, and our shared love for APLGO! This is more than just a business! This is a heartbeat in unison!

Our company gives us inner freedom, social health, well-being, and teaches us to dream with no limits. We are on our president’s team. He is a „locomotive” man, a man of a new formation. He’s a talented biohacker who can blow up the brain, break stereotypes, change the worldview of hundreds of thousands of people. And, he can do it without violence.

My six years with APLGO have been the brightest, most interesting years of my life. Our travels, our trainings, our events are exciting, creative and emotional. This is joy. It is the happiness of living. HAPPINESS TO LIVE A FULL LIFE!

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