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We are going to share some details of the upcoming APLGO anniversary.

We are going to share some details of the upcoming APLGO anniversary. As you’ve heard, it will be an online event this year and we are ready to do everything possible to help you join our celebration from the comfort of your own homes!

We are currently preparing everything for the event. The first event secret? Mr. Kulikov recently met Robert Kiyosaki, a legend of our time, and interviewed him for our Associates!

Mr. Kiyosaki, the author of bestsellers Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant, will share his priceless advice on how to increase your income right away. He’ll also share his experience and what he thinks about APLGO.

The first (and probably the only) people who will get to watch this interview will be those attending APL PLANET. Talk about inspirational!

And, Robert Kiyosaki isn’t the only star who will be at our anniversary celebration! The best of the best Associates and leadaers are lined up to give speeches during this event. More details coming soon—stay tuned!

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