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Artyk and Aleksandra Muradovs. Networking marketing can be challenging

Our aim is $1,000,000 a month and we know this goal is easier to reach when we work together.

Our aim is $1,000,000 a month and we know this goal is easier to reach when we work together.

We strive to grow ourselves together, to work hard together, and equally provide for our family.

Running a business in the direct selling industry can be an emotional and social investment, since you need to contact so many people and build so many connections. And, if your partner is not on the same team, then he or she can become jealous due to a lack of understanding. Both of us respect each other for everything we each do for our business and for our family.

The first year in a direct selling business can be quite challenging, becuase it’s vital to work hard to create your own network of customers. Regardless of our crazy schedule, Aleksandra manages all the extra classes and lessons of our kids, and dedicates all of her free time to them. Some tasks, such as driving the kids to school, have been delegated to our driver. And Alexandra’s mom takes care of some of the household chores.

We are currently working hard on opening Turkey and we’re even considering moving the whole family to this country for a while. It’s inspiring to have the freedom to move wherever you want. We know that we have the flexibility to choose any country and simply go there to „conquer” it..

As we’ve mentioned, we tend to split tasks between each other. That’s because we know that if one of us is good at one thing, the other may be better at something else. For example, Alejksandra is good at holding PRO-product trainings, interacting with new Associates, and supporting them when their confidence wanes. But, Artyk is good at motivating the Associates, explaining the details of the compensation plan to them, and generating results. There was a time when we did not work together—while Aleksandra was on maternity leave and Artyk attended events and traveled. That proved to be a challenging time for us. From that experience, we learned that we couldn’t work without each other.

We look to the President’s family as an example. For us, Sergey and Olga Kulikovs provide an example of what it’s like to be a perfect couple that has it all. They’ve built both a thriving business and a commited relationship. We share the APLGO philosophy, which is all about supporting family values. It’s so inspiring. Network marketing can be a challenge for your relationship. But, it can also help your family bonds grow stronger in love and harmony.

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