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APLGO winning streak results

Every year, APLGO holds a special winning streak.

Every year, APLGO holds a special winning streak. Any APLGO Associate can get special tickets to participate in this event, earning chances to win prizes in a giveaway.

This year, 15,144 Associates did just that.

These prizes included: 100 AirPods, 100 smartphones, 80 fitness bracelets, 10 Apple Watches, 30 iPads, 30 iPhones, 90 power banks, and 90 other assorted items. These items included electric kettles, blenders, steamers, hair dryers, irons, juicers, multicookers, microwave ovens, and other useful household appliances. And, as stated earlier, they were all given away this year! Additionally, our Associates also won trips on the APL cruise, cash, and amazing APL products!

Tell us in comments what gift you got!

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