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Direct selling companies in the world today

No one is surprised at how quickly direct selling companies come and go.

No one is surprised at how quickly direct selling companies come and go. Here are some ways that can help you determine whether a company is the real deal or not.

1. Fraudulent companies: They will make you believe that you can have an incredible income with little effort. Such companies come and go every year or even month.

2. Direct selling companies that are based on big sales volumes: If you have a natural talent for selling products, then you might have an opportunity to earn big in this business. But, remember, as soon as you stop selling, you stop enjoying that income.

3. Start-ups: They often lack something from the very start—usually a unique product. Or, if they have a good product, it might not be exclusive. And sometimes they lack experienced management or financing.

4. Veterans: These are role models in the network marketing industry and have billion-dollar sales volumes. They are widely known. They have it all: name recognition, big international business and big money—but they are old. And, they are often not up to date with today’s trends.

5. Great network marketing companies: Three percent of today’s network marketing companies are really great. They have a great product, experienced management team, and a beneficial compensation plan. Most of these companies are very young, too, which can be a great advantage!

You are lucky to be a part of APLGO, since we have overcome the most dangerous times that befall most network marketing companies: the 1-year, 3-year and 5-year anniversaries. We now have more than 250,000 Associates all over the world. Additionally, we have a unique product, an experienced management team, and a generous compensation plan. We also have a great training system and support. And, don’t forget about our incredible travel opportunities!

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