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APLGO Customer statuses

Our Company appreciates each customer and shows it by offering customer-specific promotions.

Our Company appreciates each customer and shows it by offering customer-specific promotions.


Our customers have the opportunity to purchase exclusive company products and benefit from their results. They can also receive a 10% discount off of APLGO’s products when they provide the ID number of the person who referred them to our website.

Preferred Customer

Preferred Customers are loyal customers who receive significant discounts by enrolling in APLGO’s monthly Autoship program. They also benefit heavily from using the product!

Premium Customer

APLGO Premium Customers use our product every day and have the ability to order at wholesale prices! And, through fulfilling special terms and conditions, Premium Customers can sometimes order product at prices that are even lower than wholesale! This is exclusive to APLGO. To get access to additional discounts, a Preferred Customer pays a fee of $25 every 6 months. Or, if they order on a regular basis, they can also get access to the program.

APLGO Associate

APLGO Associates are more than just customers! They are friends of the company—even partners. These are people who get great results from our products and can’t help but share their experiences! Not only do Associates purchase our products at special discounts, but they also generate income for themselves by selling them.

And, we are excited to introduce a new CUSTOMER bonus! This bonus is specifically for those who are looking for even more benefits, as they now have an opportunity to get commissions from direct selling on our site.

How can you use it? Share the referral link from our new website. When ordering products, your customer can put this link in a special field, and you will get a commission from their purchase!


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