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"Being a good mother = Being a good networker"

Elena Dineeva, APLGO Ambassador

I personally believe that being a good mom can help you become a good networker. Why? Because when you’re raising a child you have to use all of your talents! You have to acquire new skills, life-hacks and special knolwedge. When you’re a mom, you’re a psychologist, a health expert, an actress, a time-manager, and a wise executive! Moms know when to delegate, praise, or what it means to be a team player.

But most of all, being a Mom means having unconditional love and an open and kind heart. That’s why I believe that all of these traits help a mom become a successful networker.

It works both ways. If you’re a successful networker, than you are a good mom. Becoming a new mom when you already have a career in direct selling means that your baby is going to have it all! A networking mom does not have false illusions or barriers. She has an active lifestyle and is physically and psychologically healthy. She has strong moral values. She is inspired and is emotionally stable. She always has time for her children and family during and after pregnancy. She is the builder of her own life. Being a happy, successful and relaxed mom makes her kids and family feel the same way!

The most popular question I receive is about my daily schedule. I show that I make having both a business and kids possible.

You need to have some extra hands to help. For instance, I have a driver who drives and picks up kids to and from school. He knows their time tables, and if needed he communicates with the teachers and pays necessary bills. He drives kids to their additional classes, gets the groceries and other stuff for the house, and is there for me to drive the kids to a dentist appointment.

When the kids were small, nannies were a great help with cooking, cleaning, playing and teaching the youngest. Now that they are older, two of them are in school already and I have my mom helping me with the baby girl. We are a great team!

Today, the internet and social media make it easier to do this business! All you need is your phone and internet access. I solve most organizational questions via phone and Messenger.

I am the head of the regional service center in Ufa, Russia. I delegate some tasks to my personal assistant, like: product distribution, warehouse software management, ensuring Associates feel comfortable in the office, and managing information boards and social media posts.

In my spare time I attend meetings with leaders and newcomers, train Associates, start new teams, and allocate time to reading and new-skill development!

My life-hack is using APLGO lozenges all the time. And, my kids love them, too.

My oldest daughter is Yaniia. She’s 14. When she was younger, she drew her own versions of APLGO business cards and distributed them in school. She shared the product with her classmates and teachers. She can’t wait to enroll in the company! So far, she’s been observing what I do and helps me where she can be of any help.

My next child is Miroslava and she’s 9 years old. She used to dream about becoming a balance mistress. But, now she’s in search of her new dream. She imitates her older sister in all ways. My little networkers, my sweet team.

My son, Arslan, is 7 years old. He wants to become a member of the military and he’s been consuming APLGO lozenges since his childhood.

The yougest is my daughter, Yaroslava. She’s 3 years old. I call her an APLGO child because I found out about her in 2015 after returning home from Summer Academy. This event was just breathtaking. I was firewalking, Tarzan-ing over the water, climbing 65-ft tall trees, and then bungee jumping from there! Later, I found out that I already was nine weeks pregnant at that time. Up until the delivery date, I was driving, holding presentations, and taking part in all events!

When I was eight months pregnant, we held the official opening in Russia, the HELLO, RUSSIA event. I was in two minds about attending the event, but then the President called and convinced me to go. That was a special event because that day I received my 2nd grade medal for hard work in the company.

Then I gave birth to Yaroslava and it was the most wonderful time. She is a true networker. She absorbed APLGO’s philosophy, product and spirit! We even called this era the APL BABY. When she was 1 month old, I was already back to the office and holding events! When she was 6 months old, we held Summer Academy in Ufa. So, you see how deep she is in network marketing.

My keys to success are my unconditional love for APLGO, the President, and his family; my dedication to all the people; and the inspiration and support I get from the management team and sponsors. Creating with my team makes my life resemble an enjoyable flight, feeling happy to implement my purpose and mission with APLGO!

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