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10 fascinating facts about Aruba

If paradise is here on Earth, then it must be Aruba. At least, that’s what locals say.

If paradise is here on Earth, then it must be Aruba. At least, that’s what locals say. APLGO Associates are to visit this paradise island during our annual anniversary cruise, Family Traditions. Let’s find out something new about this place today.

1. Aruba is a paradise for those enjoying a quiet vacation. There are plenty of white-sand beaches and turquoise water all around the island.

2. Undersea life is great fun for those enjoying diving and snorkeling. One needs to dive 10-40 meters deep to see the Mangel Halto reef, its inhabitants, mantas, octopuses, sharks, sea turtles, and other creatures of the Caribbean.  

3. Yachting is a great way to visit cozy harbors and have a glimpse of what the island is like from the sea. You can also see the nearby islands named Rainessance and de Palm.

4. Alto Vista is the first church built on the island. It’s definitely worth visiting since the locals are so proud of it.

5. One of the best spots on the island is the California lighthouse located at Hudishibana. It’s 30 m high. You can climb the lighthouse to enjoy the view.

6. If you’re into active sports you’ll find all necessary here to windsurf. Aruba is the place for international windsurfing cup competitions. It sounds like a great reason to try something new and exciting!

7. You can also visit a butterfly farm on the west side of the island, near Palm Beach. Its premises are a tropical garden inhabited with more than 100 kinds of butterflies. Visitors are allowed to walk around and even try holding the butterflies in their hands.

8. Another great spot to visit is the Natural Bridge. Waves and wind had been working hard for millions of years to naturally build this rock bridge over a small lagoon.

9. Do not forget to taste the local food. Aruba’s local food includes shrimps, lobsters, and deep-sea fish, shellfish, scallops, and seaweed. Local breweries make amazing beer and the Balashi is known to be one of the best.

10. What souvenirs can I bring from there, you ask? Magnets, T-shirts, shells, there are plenty of those here for sure. But we advise you to take a closer look at cheap yet high-quality emeralds, topazes, and diamonds.

*You are responsible for your own insurance. APLGO highly recommends buying travel insurance for each participant beforehand.

*Be advised that only those Associates who have fulfilled the Terms and Conditions of the Special Offer can attend the corporate events held during this cruise. This is also true of receiving special gifts from the Company. Let’s be compliant with the requirements of the Special Offer, as they are quite easy to fulfill this year.


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