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Launch of the APLGO BEAUTY product line

This amazing skincare line includes the following products

This is really happening! APLGO has announced an all new 6 piece BEAUTY NATURAL SERIES line which is available for sale NOW!

This amazing skincare line includes the following products:

1. Foaming face wash. Gentle cleansing

2. Body milk. Moisturizing

3. Facial toner. Calming

4. Silk facial mask. Lifting, calming, and hydration

5. 2-in-1 facial elixir mist. Duplex Collagen Amplifier

6. Serum Elixir. Instant effect (two formats, full and travel format)

For more information about the BEAUTY NATURAL SERIES line, check your BackOffice or click the link below:

BEAUTIFY your business with APLGO!

Now more than ever, being healthy is beautiful.

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