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Family traditions anniversary cruise 2020. Getting ready for the Latina Party

Are you already packing for the cruise? Then this update is for you!

Are you already packing for the cruise? Then this update is for you!

We are going to have a LATINA PARTY during the cruise, a party filled with plenty of Latin dance! If you need a bit of inspiration in choosing your party outfit, have a look at professional dancewear.

In general, ladies can wear short dresses with the tight upper part of the dress and flowing skirt, stable heels, flowers in their hair or polished hair. These party clothes can be dressed up with a few pieces of show jewelry and makeup.

Our gentlemen can wear black silk skirts, tight trousers, and shiny shoes. Or another example of a great outfit: Cuban vibe with a summer shirt and trousers, vintage two-tone shoes, suspenders, a bow tie, and a hat. Hair gel is a must-have.

We literally can’t wait to see your outfits! Enjoy getting ready and do not forget to have one or two Latin dance lessons!

*You are responsible for your own insurance. APLGO highly recommends buying travel insurance for each participant beforehand.

*Be advised that only those Associates who have fulfilled the Terms and Conditions of the Special Offer can attend the corporate events held during this cruise. This is also true of receiving special gifts from the Company. Let’s be compliant with the requirements of the Special Offer, as they are quite easy to fulfill this year.

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