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Family is your natural harmony

APLGO Ambassadors: Vladimir Radchenko and Saida Adamova

There are only 24 hours in a day. Eight hours for sleep, travel to work, and the work itself takes about 10 hours. So, the average person has 3-4 hours for their family? Not us. Thanks to our business with APLGO we almost always together and are grateful to have such an opportunity!

This family business makes our family closer, we set the same goals and each family member makes their contribution to achieve it. Our union is a natural harmony. The best way to build the team is to treat each other as a separate individual with their own skills, achievements, and compromises. It might seem challenging in the beginning but with time everything fits together. Do not fear to trust each other and face challenges together. It’s important to make a line between personal and business, this line might be very fine in direct selling. Our business is a lifestyle we really enjoy!

We totally complete each other. We start our days together with having breakfast, seeing kids to school, holding webinars and Skype and phone conferences. We are always attending company events together. Of course, each of us has their strong and weak sides, so we have to delegate some tasks to each other. But this helps us be a perfect couple because we complete each other.

Family partners with a lack of understanding do not last in the direct selling business. When you work in a team with your partner you have a synergetic effect. Working alone is not about us, we have no idea how to do it! We travel,. Have fun and build the business together! It’s amazing to see your partner develop and grow.

Of course, our kids want more attention. Sometimes they struggle to understand. But we make up for such occasions and spend time together traveling, hiking, having vacations by the seaside, going to the cinema, celebrating happy occasions. And most of it outside the country. It was quite challenging in the beginning, first two or three years with the company. But our family supported us and we made so many things possible and available to them so they now understand and appreciate the efforts.

APLGO creates extremely convenient working conditions for family contracts. We both share the same Backoffice account, the same status, activity, we have access to easier terms and conditions within special offers. And we have recognition from the other Associates and the Company!

APLGO also creates special events for family contracts. To name a few, the wedding vows renewal in the Dominican Republic, 2017. It was even more monumental than during our real wedding!

APLGO in not about generating sales volume only. It’s constant growth and skill upgrade. So it’s better to go through this together with your partner because otherwise one partner may outgrow the other and lose interest with time.

APLGO is not just business, it is a family we appreciate a lot!

The Kulikovs are a role model family for us. They are the leaders we want to follow. They are young, active, creative, and wise. They manage to have it all: the love for what they are doing, love for their family and kids, high morale, high requirements to the level of life, and everything they do and create for us, including travels and events.

Home is the place where you feel cozy, loved, and understood. Anything possible is you have your family’s love. We enjoy it every day. And share this love with others.

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