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APL Planet, day two. The world's top speakers for you!

Looking forward to what we have in store for you for day two of APL PLANET?

Looking forward to what we have in store for you for day two of APL PLANET?

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter will teach you how to hold a meeting so that you fall in love with this part of your job.

Todd Falkone will share his pro advice in recruiting to help you maximize your own efforts!

Each of you want to become a great leader and mentor, don’t you? Radislav Gandapas will share how to be a great leader and motivator!

We will also broadcast an exclusive interview in which Sergey Kulikov sat down with the world-renowned author and speaker, Robert Kiyosaki, to discuss his advice for APL Associates.

There will also be a special training from our president, Sergey Kulikov—the topic of which is still top secret.

We highly recommend that you Google all of the names of these speakers ahead of the event if you aren’t already familiar with them and learn about their valuable contributions to the network marketing industry and the greater business world.

Each Associate must get a personal ticket for this event in order to participate in the giveaway, watch the live stream, and receive all event materials for all four days. Event materials will include photos and an assortment of miscellaneous videos. The videos to be provided will include presentations by 15 of APL’s top leaders, the recordings of the event’s motivational speaker presentations, along with some other bonus videos—all provided in a format that will allow Associates to easily re-view / re-watch the content as many times as they would like.

Get your ticket by logging in to your BackOffice or by visiting our website

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