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President’s webinar summary

This webinar was fully dedicated to our Associates.

This webinar was fully dedicated to our Associates. The APLGO president, Mr. Kulikov, shared his inspiration, knowledge, and life-hacks with the audience. Let’s have a glimpse of what he was talking about. ⠀

APLGO is the company where all the pieces fit perfectly together. Mr. Kulikov keeps highlighting this, but he does it differently in each webinar. Even experienced Associates want to break their own records. ⠀

To the news, we found out during the webinar. Next week, three BEAUTY skincare line products are starting to be sold individually. The next six new products are coming by the end of this summer. ⠀

We also introduce a new enrollment status which is $100! We also increased Customer bonus by 30%! WOW! AND! There is more! Now you can get the starter bonus weekly! ⠀

During the webinar, Mr. Kulikov also presented a new business tool, the Acumullit SA product sample. Sale start will be in two weeks in Russia. ⠀

We also found out who were the best achievers in June, direct selling industry news, APLGO results for past years, and its dynamics and other great stuff. ⠀

All the videos, slides will be available for download in our social media soon, keep checking. ⠀

And here’s even more! ⠀

Find out more about the special offer we have for you on our website!

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