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APLGO product manufacturing inspection: APLGO products receive high quality confirmation again!

Are you in the mood for some great news?!

Are you in the mood for some great news?! 2021 started off with another manufacturing inspection which concluded by confirming the exception quality involved in our production of APLGO products. We have retained the KOSHER certificate which also confirms Acumillit SA products' as high quality. 

The KOSHER certificate is not an obligatory certificate to obtain, but APLGO manufacturing plant has now received this certificate for the 4th year in a row. This confirms that our manufacturing complies with strict requirements of KOSHER. 

Our updated KOSHER certificate is now valid for the next 3 years. This reiterates the importance that our company places on using only the most compliant methods of production, packing, production control and use of the purest raw materials. Doing so, also ensures that APLGO provides the highest quality and level of safety regarding its products. 

This certificate also includes an appendix which states the product names. This list is valid for one year since APLGO continues to develop and add new products to its line.

We know that you have as much pride as we do about our certified manufacturing, and as a reminder, our certificates can be used as a business tool! 

All updated certificates are at our website and Google Drive. 

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