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What we do not have in our new skin care cosmetic line

0% parabens. Parabens are quite popular in cosmetic production because they are cheap and have great conservation properties.

0% parabens

Parabens are quite popular in cosmetic production because they are cheap and have great conservation properties. But medical research shows that their usage may not be safe. We chose not to add them at the expense of the quality and safety of the products.

0% microplastics

Microplastics in cosmetic products are harmful both for you and to the environment. Most of the plastic used in cosmetics include indecomposable polymers. It would take thousands of years for them to decompose through corrosion or photodegradation. We do not want to harm the environment, so we never use them.

0% petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly creates a grease film on the surface of the skin that prevents water from evaporating. Using it could lead to swelling. It also holds toxins and grease on the surface of your skin, making it dirty. It could also cause acne and comedones. We want to use safe ingredients! That is why we never add petroleum jelly into our BEUATY skin care products.

0% phthalates

Cosmetic products that have added fragrances usually have phthalates, as well. They are believed to have a bad effect on our hormones and must be avoided by pregnant women. We do not used cheap, harmful fragrances in our products. That is why we do not include phthalates.

0% formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a great preservative, but its toxic effects are widely known. When you breathe it in, it can result in lung edema and mucous inflammation, which may result in asthma and central nervous system damage. We do not use formaldehyde in our cosmetic products.

0% synthetic fragrances

Synthetic fragrances are oftentimes used to provide an artificial scent or to hide hideous aromas (some products without fragrances smell really bad). Nevertheless, some of them can be harmful to our skin. Most of such fragrances may cause allergic reactions or inflammation. More serious side effects can also be experienced. That is why APLGO does not add synthetic fragrances into its products.

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