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Daniela Kolarova, National Director, Bulgaria

I would say that most Bulgarians do not know a lot about the direct selling industry. And sometimes they have a negative attitude towards it...

I would say that most Bulgarians do not know a lot about the direct selling industry. And sometimes they have a negative attitude towards it. There is a logical explanation to this. After the USSR dissolved, a lot of fraud occurred in Bulgaria. So, when you tell them about a new business opportunity, they start to imagine dangerous schemes. I was aware of these challenges, but I never let them stop me. I studied finance and economics, and I have a master’s degree in these subjects. That made it easier for me to explain how the industry works and how to make nice money in it. Today I have a big team in Bulgaria.

For more than 20 years Bulgaria has been a part of the European Union. While only older Bulgarians speak Russian, most of the younger generation speak Bulgarian or English. I translate each webinar, special offer, and news item into Bulgarian for my team. Doing this takes a good amount of time and energy. But it allows me to improve my Russian. Even though it was a challenge to understand the industry in the beginning, the Member Support Department was there for me every step of the way. They explained every little detail to me in a way that I could understand. I will always be grateful to them for their invaluable help!

Since I am a financier, I used to focus only on the business side of the opportunity. But, during business overview presentations, I noticed that people were asking a lot of questions about the product. As a result, I chose to dive into the world of cellular nutrition to better understand the science. I had to translate information from Russian into Bulgarian. It wasn’t easy. But it was very fruitful.

Today, the product is imported into our country and the logistics are functioning perfectly. I no longer need to take long car rides by myself to Moldova (roughly 620 miles away from home) to get product. APLGO’s management team is always there for you to help solve problems.

Working with APLGO has helped provide me with freedom. But it’s also helped me develop creativity and new knowledge. I am happy to teach others how to be healthy and free. I am happy to be a part of the team. It is especially priceless since we Bulgarians tend to be more individualists than team players. So, in turn, I want to teach my fellow country people to become team players. I have a strong belief that we are on the path that leads to success. I can see great opportunities for APL business in Bulgaria since we are a part of the European market.

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