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APLGO Ambassadors: Igor Grishko and Ludmila Deriagina. Family business while traveling

We are a true multi-level industry family, and we are proud to be so. We do not have bosses, and ho much we earn depends only on how much we work and no one can influence this.

We are a true multi-level industry family, and we are proud to be so. We do not have bosses, and ho much we earn depends only on how much we work and no one can influence this. The main thing here is that we build our own team, and we can avoid cooperating with someone who does not share our views and goals. We are to decide when to hold a meeting, or when we are going on vacations, or when to go to bed or wake up.

We have such an active lifestyle. We enjoy traveling and making income with APLGO! A frequent question, some of our teammates ask is how we can build a business constantly being so far away from home? How does it feel, to travel and work at the same time?

Our main secret is finding a balance between family time and business time. It’s vital to have your priorities straight, delegate tasks, or do not do them at all if they are not effective enough. And the art of saying „no”. Time management. Planning. Agenda. Organizer to put your ideas at once. Often during travels, you have ideas cascading on you and you need to write them down. We never forget about bettering ourselves and always have some audiobooks and other useful materials with us, even in travel. It’s great to have something new to discover when you do not have access to the Internet.

Any APLGO travel is another adventure and amazing experience! We never miss a chance. The favorite event for us is the Summer Academy 2018, in Miami. Tasks in this team building event were incredible, it really felt like we had become new individuals.

We can not separate travel and business. We have visited more than 20 countries already, and it’s very often that we enroll new Associates during the travels. At that time we took a taxi from the airport. The driver was amazed by our heavy suitcase where we had so many costumes for the cruise parties (the all-white party, the gangster party, the pirate party!). He was amazed that we traveled and made money because it seemed impossible to him. After that, we stopped talking about the company and just chatted on the rest of the way home. When we arrived, he asked our phone number to contact us later and find more details on the business. We called back the next day and we scheduled a meeting. Half an hour after the meeting started we enrolled a DIAMOND family contract. Natalia and Valerii Nekrasovs fulfilled terms and conditions for the cruise special offer within their first month of work and joined us on the cruise in 2018, Magic of Eight!

We have more than 15,000 Associates in our team from more than 30 countries.

Even in travel, we keep in touch with the team and modern social media help us run the business from anywhere. We can work no matter where we stay! How cool is that? A couple of years ago we couldn’t dream about this. Today it’s our reality. We go international thanks to the Internet.

We are great as a couple and team together. And we can’t see any cons in having a family contract as we support and complete each other. We decided to be with APLGO together and that was one of the most important decisions in our lives! We are now a part of the APLGO family and happy to be that way!

All you need to do as a new Associate is to believe in yourself, your skills, and APLGO! And keep going!

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