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10 fun facts about Curacao

Curacao is not only a widely popular liqueur, but also a paradise island in the Caribbean.

Curacao is not only a widely popular liqueur, but also a paradise island in the Caribbean. Warm waves, white-sand beaches, green palm trees, fruits and endless summer… Don’t these images make you want to come here at once?! And you do have a chance to visit it during our annual APLGo’s anniversary cruise this November! Today we offer you to enjoy couple of interesting facts about this place.

1. Visit the Landhuis distillery. The liqueur Curacao is made here; it is the hard-drink symbol of the island. This distillery can be found in an old mansion called Chobolobo. During the tour you can find out a lot about oranges picking (which is the raw material for the liqueur) and the ways of preparing the drink, as well as tasting some of the types of this liqueur.

2. Queen Emma floating pontoon bridge is the most astonishing sightseeing point on the island. This floating bridge connects south and north sides of the Willemstad, the Curacao capital.

3. Dreaming of swimming with the dolphins? It’s time to make this happen! Visit the dolphin academy. The academy has also sea bears and lions, tortoises, sharks and even mantas! You can see them close, feed them and even swim with!

4. Curacao vacation wouldn’t be exciting enough without sunbathing on its beaches and swimming in the Caribbean. The island has more than 20 beaches and some of them are wild.

5. Diving is a big hit here. While diving you might see some dolphins, tortoises and even migrating seals.

6. Do not forget to try some local food. Curacao’s traditional food is a soup made of ribwort and veal, onions, potatoes, species and keshi-yena, a cheese pie with tomatoes, chicken meat and special sauce.

7. Visit a lake with pink flamingos! There are hundreds of them! Do not forget your camera to make great shots!

8. On the island, there are eight forts that are worth visiting, such as Amsterdam and Nassau. Decades ago they were used to protect the island from the pirates.

9. The locals speak Dutch, but local dialect called Papiamento is also widely used. Here are some phrases to learn before visiting:

Bon dia — "Hello", Bonochi — "Good evening", Ayo — "Bye", Danki — "thanks", Porfabor/Plies — "Please", Despensa mi — "Excuse me".

10. Do not forget to get some souvenirs. Blue Curacao is not the only thing to get from there. There is a vast choice of wooden plates colorfully painted, or statues and animal figures, the Chichi doll; all those are unique souvenirs great to get home!

*You are responsible for your own insurance. APLGO highly recommends buying travel insurance for each participant beforehand.

*Be advised that only those Associates who have fulfilled the Terms and Conditions of the Special Offer can attend the corporate events held during this cruise. This is also true of receiving special gifts from the Company. Let’s be compliant with the requirements of the Special Offer, as they are quite easy to fulfill this year.

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