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First summer President’s webinar summary

It was a very emotional webinar since we have a global give-away!

It was a very emotional webinar since we have a global give-away! Our Associates had to get gadgets, household appliances, trips, cash lots and APLGo products for free! This give-away was tremendous so we are to give you more details on it in our next news.

What was special about June webinar?

Mr. President shared plans for summer 2020. We are ready to launch 4 new markets: Israel, Mexico, Australia and South Korea. People in these countries are happy to find out about our business opportunity in the market of network marketing. Each of you has a chance to get to these markets and become the first there!

We also found out who were the best achievers in May. Best of the best are in these lists for their hard and fruitful work.

Mr. Kulikov also presented a great HOT SUMMER special offer that can help you make your summer reach with achievements and experience! Go to our website to find out more.

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