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Why cruise ship voyages?

You may have heard by now that APLGO takes its best achievers on an annual cruise.

You may have heard by now that APLGO takes its best achievers on an annual cruise. This year will be no exception! You may ask, „Why a cruise?” Well, let’s take a look...

Each day presents a new country, new experiences, and new views. This year we are going to visit Panama, Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba, and Columbia.

The cruise ships that the company chooses are luxurious, floating hotels. You can’t imagine anything more comfortable than that!

They’re all inclusive with incredible entertainment, catered dining, and all the shopping you could want is onboard—24/7.

The emotions and experiences you have during cruises are priceless.

ALPGO never goes with just the standard onboard, all-inclusive entertainment. We always include exclusive entertainment provided specifically for APLGO Associates. This includes the company’s anniversary party, special themed parties, wedding vow renewals, and more!

*You are responsible for your own insurance. APLGO highly recommends buying travel insurance for each participant beforehand.

*Be advised that only those Associates who have fulfilled the Terms and Conditions of the Special Offer can attend the corporate events held during this cruise. This is also true of receiving special gifts from the Company. Let’s be compliant with the requirements of the Special Offer, as they are quite easy to fulfill this year.

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